Bayer Leverkusen – Werder Bremen

Based on the provided data:

Bayer Leverkusen has shown exceptional form in their last 5 games, boasting a 100% form rating with an impressive defensive record (81%) and offensive capabilities (63% attacking efficiency), scoring 10 goals while only conceding 3. Their overall season performance reinforces this trend, with a dominant home and away record, high goal-scoring rate, and a solid defense.

Werder Bremen, in contrast, has struggled in their recent outings, with a form rating of just 7% from the last 5 games. Their attack and defense metrics significantly lag behind, scoring only 4 goals and conceding 9 in these matches. Their overall season shows a team fighting inconsistency, having won fewer matches both at home and away, and struggling to keep clean sheets.

Considering Bayer Leverkusen’s formidable form, strong defense, and high goal-scoring ability, especially when compared to Werder Bremen’s struggling form and defensive vulnerabilities, the prediction leans heavily towards a Bayer Leverkusen victory. The data suggests Leverkusen’s ability to dominate the game both in the attack and in controlling the game’s pace, making them the likely winners.

**Prediction: Winner – Bayer Leverkusen**

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