Dobrudzha – Belasitsa

Looking at the recent form and performance metrics of both Dobrudzha and Belasitsa, Dobrudzha stands out with a stronger record in their last few games, showcasing a solid 87% form, with their attack and defense both rated at 78%. They have been consistently finding the back of the net, scoring 7 goals in their last 5 games, while only conceding 2. Additionally, playing at home has been a fortress for them, having won 9 out of 13 home games.

On the other side, Belasitsa appears to be struggling, especially when playing away from home, with only 2 wins in their 13 away fixtures. Their form in the last 5 games stands at 27%, with both their attacking and defensive metrics not matching up to those of Dobrudzha. They have scored fewer goals and conceded more on average per game compared to Dobrudzha.

Given Dobrudzha’s strong home performance and overall form compared to Belasitsa’s struggles, especially in away games, a prediction leaning towards a Dobrudzha win or a draw seems quite plausible. Consequently, a reasonable final advice for this match would be to go for a double chance: Dobrudzha or draw. This not only acknowledges Dobrudzha’s superior recent performance but also accounts for the unpredictability inherent in football matches.

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