Dundee – Rangers

Based on the recent form and statistics of both teams, Rangers appear to be the strong favorites going into the game against Dundee. Dundee’s recent performances have shown a struggle in defense with no clean sheets and an average of 2.6 goals conceded per game in their last 5 matches. On the other hand, Rangers have exhibited a robust attacking form, scoring an average of 2.8 goals per game in their last 5 fixtures and maintaining a higher clean sheet ratio throughout their league campaign.

Rangers’ tactical flexibility, as seen in their preferred formations, and their higher percentage of converting penalties could give them an added advantage in breaking through Dundee’s defense, which has been their Achilles’ heel.

Considering Rangers’ superior away win record and Dundee’s struggles at home, the prediction leans towards an away win for Rangers. The statistics underscore Rangers’ strong attacking thrust and solid backline, particularly in away games, where they’ve demonstrated resilience and efficiency.

Final advice: Winner – Rangers.

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