Huesca – Levante

In the upcoming match between Huesca and Levante, both teams come in with a mixed form in their last five encounters. Huesca has shown a 40% success rate in their last five games, scoring 1.0 goals on average but conceding 1.2. They have a moderate home form, with a win percentage of around 25% and a strong tendency to draw matches.

Levante, on the other hand, also holds a 40% success rate in recent games, scoring an average of 1.4 goals while conceding 1.0. Yet, their away form has been less impressive compared to their home performance, hinting at potential vulnerabilities when they are not on their turf.

Considering Huesca’s relatively solid home defense and the propensity for Levante to draw away games, there is a significant likelihood for Huesca to either win or draw this match.

**Prediction: Double chance – Huesca or draw.**

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