Juventus – Fiorentina

Based on the recent performance and statistics of both Juventus and Fiorentina, we can anticipate a competitive match. Juventus, playing at home, has shown a strong home record with 9 wins in their last 15 home games, coupled with a robust defense allowing only 10 goals in these matches. They have a solid foundation, maintaining clean sheets in 7 home games, which suggests they are formidable when playing in their own stadium.

Fiorentina, on their end, has a mixed away record with 4 wins in the last 14 away games. Their scoring and defensive statistics are fairly balanced, with both their goals scored and conceded averaging around 1.1 and 1.2 per game respectively when playing away. This indicates that they are capable of finding the back of the net but also vulnerable at the back.

Considering Juventus’s stronger home performance and Fiorentina’s inconsistent away form, the prediction leans towards Juventus having the upper hand in this match-up. However, Fiorentina’s capability to score and the fact that they’ve managed to pull off away wins suggest that they could still pose a threat and possibly secure a draw.

Final Advice: **Double chance : Juventus or draw**

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