LE Havre – Marseille

Given the data, LE Havre have had inconsistent form with only 27% wins in their last 5 games. They struggle both offensively and defensively with an average of 1.2 goals scored and 1.4 goals conceded per game. On the other side, Marseille have a better form with 53% wins in their last 5 games and a higher scoring rate of 1.8 goals per game while also conceding 1.4 goals per game.

Marseille have shown better performance overall and have a stronger attacking presence. LE Havre’s inconsistent form and defensive vulnerabilities could give Marseille an edge in this matchup. Taking into account the form and statistics, a safer bet would be to go for a double chance: draw or Marseille.

**Double chance: draw or Marseille.**

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