Monaco – Rennes

Based on the recent performance and statistical data for both Monaco and Rennes, the upcoming game between the two appears to be evenly matched, yet slightly leaning in favor of Monaco. Monaco’s form over their last five games shows a 73% performance level with a stronger attacking record, scoring 11 goals, compared to Rennes’ 33% performance level and 6 goals in their equivalent last five matches. Additionally, Monaco’s defense statistics reveal a 50% performance, which is marginally better than Rennes’ 42%, indicating a slightly more resilient backline.

Monaco’s home record adds to their advantage, with a history of 6 wins in 13 home games, implying a competent performance on their home turf. However, it’s notable that Rennes has managed to secure 3 wins in 13 away games, suggesting they can be competitive on the road, despite a less impressive attacking display compared to their home performances.

Given Monaco’s more consistent form, coupled with the home advantage and a relatively stronger attacking and defensive showing lately, it’s reasonable to predict the game will swing somewhat in Monaco’s favor. However, Rennes has shown resilience and the ability to upset, which makes a clear-cut prediction for Monaco risky.

**Final Advice:** Double chance: Monaco or draw.

This advice leans on Monaco’s stronger recent performances and home advantage but also acknowledges Rennes’ potential to hold their ground or cause an upset, making a double chance bet the safest recommendation.

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