Nantes – Lyon

Based on the recent form and statistics of both teams, this game between Nantes and Lyon is anticipated to be closely contested. Nantes, playing at home, has a form that indicates inconsistency with recent results showing a mixture of losses, draws, and a couple of wins. Their attacking and defensive stats are not particularly strong, with an average of 0.8 goals scored and 1.6 goals conceded per game in their last five matches.

On the other hand, Lyon has shown slightly better form and performance in their recent outings, with a higher win rate of 67% in their last five matches compared to Nantes’ 40%. Lyon’s attack seems more potent with an average of 1.6 goals scored per game, while their defense has conceded 1.4 goals on average in the same period, indicating a somewhat balanced performance.

Considering these aspects alongside the broader season performance, where Lyon has secured more away wins and Nantes has faced several home losses, the prediction leans towards Lyon having an edge in this encounter. However, given both teams’ variability in results and the competitive nature of the match-up, a conclusive win for Lyon is not guaranteed.

Final advice: Double chance: draw or Lyon. This outcome would be the safest bet, covering the possibility of Lyon’s edge converting into a win or a stalemate given the unpredictable nature of football matches.

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