Palermo – Sampdoria

Based on recent form and team statistics, the match between Palermo and Sampdoria is expected to be closely contested. Palermo has shown inconsistent form, with a win percentage of 33% in their last five games, whereas Sampdoria has exhibited stronger performance with a win percentage of 73% in their last five matches. Palermo has struggled both offensively and defensively, averaging only 0.8 goals for and 1.0 goals against per game. In contrast, Sampdoria has been more reliable, scoring 1.2 goals per game and conceding just 0.4 goals per game.

Given these trends, Sampdoria has a slight upper hand, but Palermo’s home advantage could level the playing field. The match may likely end in a draw, but if there is a win, Sampdoria looks more promising.

**Final Advice: Double Chance – Draw or Sampdoria**.

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