Rangers – Celtic

Given the recent form and statistics of both Rangers and Celtic, this match is set to be a fiercely contested derby. Rangers have shown solid home form with a high goal-scoring rate, netting an average of 2.4 goals per game at home. However, they have faced a few stumbles, losing 3 out of 16 home fixtures. On the other hand, Celtic has been formidable both at home and away, with an even higher goal average of 3.2 goals in their last 5 games and losing only 2 out of 16 away games. Their attacking and defensive statistics slightly edge out Rangers, suggesting they could be the more dominant side in this fixture.

When considering the importance of the match, historical context, and the slight advantages in form and goal-scoring ability favoring Celtic, while also acknowledging Rangers’ strong home advantage and capability to score, a highly competitive match is expected. Therefore, the prediction leans towards a result that could either be a draw or a win for Celtic, making „Double chance: draw or Celtic“ the final advice for this game.

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