Real Estelí – Jalapa

Based on the recent form and statistical breakdown for both Real Estelí and Jalapa, it seems reasonable to expect that Real Estelí, playing at home, holds the advantage in this match-up. Real Estelí shows a stronger track record both in terms of the win rate at home and their ability to keep clean sheets, as evidenced by their 11 home clean sheets. This defensive solidity paired with their overall better attacking form (55 goals scored in league play) suggests they’re likely to be the dominant side.

Jalapa, on the other hand, has struggled more on the road, suffering 9 away losses and scoring fewer goals away from home (14 goals in away matches) compared to their home performances. This makes them vulnerable, especially given Real Estelí’s home strength.

However, Jalapa’s resilience is shown in their similar average goals against figure in the last 5 games compared to Real Estelí, both standing at 1.0. This indicates that while Jalapa might find it challenging to secure a win, they possess the defensive capabilities to potentially hold Real Estelí to a draw.

Taking all of this into account, a „Double chance : Real Estelí or draw“ seems like a prudent betting advice. Real Estelí’s home advantage and stronger league performance give them the edge, but Jalapa’s ability to maintain a solid defense suggests they might still manage to avoid a loss, making a draw a feasible outcome as well.

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