Sassuolo – AC Milan

Given the recent form and statistics for Sassuolo and AC Milan, a detailed analysis suggests a competitive match with advantages leaning towards AC Milan. Sassuolo has struggled with form, showing inconsistency in their defensive and offensive play. With only 33% form in their last 5 games and a considerable number of goals conceded both at home and away, their performance has been less than ideal.

On the other hand, AC Milan is on an impressive run, boasting a 100% form in their last 5 fixtures, coupled with a strong defense and a potent attack. Their performance away from home has been particularly noteworthy, suggesting they’re capable of securing results on the road.

Considering these factors, the prediction leans towards AC Milan either winning or drawing the match. Therefore, a „Double Chance: Draw or AC Milan“ seems to be the wise betting advice for this fixture.

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