Valladolid – Espanyol

Prediction: Combo Double chance: Valladolid or draw and -3.5 goals

Based on the recent performance of Valladolid and Espanyol, it is predicted that Valladolid will secure at least a draw in the upcoming game against Espanyol. Valladolid has been in excellent form, winning 80% of their last 5 games and not conceding any goals in those matches. On the other hand, Espanyol has shown decent form, scoring an average of 1.0 goals per game but also conceding 0.8 goals on average.

Considering these factors, it is expected that Valladolid will either win or draw the game, and the total number of goals is likely to be under 3.5. Therefore, the recommended bet would be to go for the Combo Double chance: Valladolid or draw and -3.5 goals.

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